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International CLIL Symposium: Transforming Territories Through Language

International CLIL Symposium: Transforming Territories Through Language

Jueves 17 de Noviembre 2022

Hello dear FUNDES community, here its the time to talk about our International CLIL Symposium celebrated the last 17th of november 2022, as you know it was a platform for
sharing knowledge about English foreign language teaching/learning using CLIL and active methodologies, as well as perspectives on Spanish in the field of literature. It is a setting to
reflect on and rescue the lessons learned in the last years. A place to learn about how teachers, researchers, and students have overcome the challenges of learning environments.

The event was held with national and international guests from: Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios (Colombia), Fundación Universitaria Monserrate-UniMonserrate (Colombia),
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (México), Universidad Católica de Oriente-UCO (Colombia), PAINEAE (Ecuador) as attendees, speakers, workshop
participants or speakers; also, students and professors from our university participated as well. It was held within the university facilities in order to enrich knowledge and share
significant experiences within the educational sector from different perspectives and link them to the process of meaningful learning.

The event was a success, fulfilling the agenda at all and the general goal proposed, which was to create a space for academic exchange on the advances in the implementation of
CLIL in different educational contexts of foreign language, and perspectives of the teaching of Spanish in Colombia by making visible pedagogical and research practices of teachers
and undergraduate students at all levels of education.

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